How can you contribute?

Find out below, the different ways you can contribute to MARS. Click on the tabs for details.

We are exclusively collecting Malaysian visual art & fine art materials, covering all Malaysian artist locally and abroad. We are also documenting all art activities and events happening in Malaysia.

Anybody can donate. We receive materials from Galleries, Institutions, Universities, artist collectives, Individual Artist and Non-Artist.

If you wish to donate, Please contact:

How to proceed:
1. Count and organize your donation items by types(books, audio, video…)
2. To avoid duplicates, please check the Collection section of this website
3. Send an email to our Collections department
4. Wait for us to contact you to follow-up on the pick up
Donating Printed Materials:
1. Book
2. Catalogue
3. Paper cutting
4. Magazine cutting
5. Thesis
6. Photo
Donating Audio Visual Materials:
1. Documentary
2. Events
3. Talk
Donation from Malaysian Artist:
1. Latest CV (hard & soft copy) of Malaysian Artist, including:
a. Pictures of artwork exhibited
b. A copy of related paper clipping

If you enjoy mixing up with the art scene crowd, attend art show, gallery opening, art conference or workshops all over Malaysia, contact us.

You can contribute your time by working with our full time staff to collect and document these live events. Skills needed include photography and videography. Anybody with a passion and love for Art is welcome to help as long as you have your own mode of transport and recording equipment.

If you wish to volunteer, send us a short CV and tell us: What is your key motivation to become a MARSIAN?

Any kind of financial support or expertise time – whatever your budget or skill are – will be more than appreciated. You can also contribute by donating operational materials and office supplies.

If you wish to contribute financially, donate supplies or share your expertise, Contact: