MARS Mission by Phases

First Phase: Compiling & Collecting

Compilation Focus 1-
Printed Materials: Book, Catalogue, Paper cutting, Magazine cutting, Thesis, Photo

Compilation Focus 2 –
Audio Visual Materials: Documentary, Events, Talk

Compilation Focus 3-
Malaysian Artist: Latest CV of Malaysian Artist, including: Pictures of artwork exhibited, A copy of related paper clipping

Scope of Materials: Fine art only, Malaysian artist related (exhibited in MY& Internationally), Malaysian Art Scene (All art activity that happens in MY)
Collecting from: Galleries, Institutions, Universities, Individual Non-Artist, Individual Artist.

Timeline initialization: Year 1 /12 to 15 month.


Second Phase: Identifying

Finding out what is missing. Tracking exhibits that has no formal / sufficient supporting documentation materials.

Key Milestone:

Mapping of study published, Bibliography established. Content quality assurance developed and established. Archival search & research methodology developed and established.

MARS will open its studies to the public:

• Supported by trained in-house personnel(s).
• Visitation on site, by appointment basis only.
• Access to onsite materials on case study proposal/ research basis only.

Material collection methods:
Copy relevant material for study. Primary research conducted.

Timeline initialization: Year two & three /24 – 36 months.


Third Phase- Fold 1 : MARS Database & Fold 2 : MARS Artist Database established

Key milestone:

1. User experience to search and research on content is developed and sustained.
2. Content searchable from multiple access point.
3. Best practice methods for compiling, collecting and identifying established.
4. Content quality assurance developed and sustained.
5. Quality assurance of archive and content comparable to recognized regional professional practice.

Timeline initialization: Year four /from 48 months…

Third Phase Fold 3 established: MARS center

Key milestone:

1. Archiving of materials method developed, strengthened and sustained.
2. Local & Regional Advocacy work.
3. Research support mechanism developed and sustained.
4. Documentations of research facilitated by MARS database published and imbedded into advance archive search capabilities.
5. Operational and Services of MARS center expanded and established.
6. Quality assurance of archive and content comparable to recognized regional & international standard of professional practice.

Timeline initialization: Year five / from 60 months…